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Blackened Sea (Instrumental) Blackened Sea (Instrumental)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like the guitar tones that you have used here. Did you do this all in the box, or did you mic some cabinets for this?

Also, I think the kick should be more pronounced. This is really the lifeline of the song, and needs to be the hottest thing in the mix, especially for metal. The drums sound pretty solid though, good tones really. What type of software did you use for this?

Over all, this is pretty killer! Keep up the gnarly work.

RealFaction responds:

Do you have good speakers? On mine the kick sounds pretty up there but then again, it could be a little louder, I'll have to boost the volume on that a little, thanks! Lol I don't play guitar, these are all plugins with guitar string note samples. Solid advice, and thanks! I use FL Studio 10 with my plugins :)